Toyota chooses a Genesal emergency genset for its factory in Guanajato (Mexico)

December 16, 2019/by desarrollo

We’ve reinforced our presence in Asia through a new market: Taiwan, the ever-expanding Asian Tiger

December 2, 2019/by desarrollo

We designed an ‘anti-hurricane’ generator set for a great wind farm in the Dominican Republic

November 26, 2019/by desarrollo
Energía de emergencia para el parque eólico Los Llanos, una nueva apuesta por las energías renovables

Emergency power for the Los Llanos wind farm, a new source of renewable power

November 11, 2019/by desarrollo
Energía de emergencia para la central termoeléctrica de Sumbagut en Sumatra

Made-to-measure power for a thermoelectric power plant in Sumatra

November 4, 2019/by desarrollo
Energías renovables: la nueva apuesta Genesal Energy en parque eólico en Baja California, México

A wind farm in Baja California, key in Genesal’s efforts towards clean energy

October 24, 2019/by desarrollo
Suministramos energía de emergencia a parques eólicos

We increase our reach in the national market with the supply of emergency power for wind farms in Castilla-La Mancha, Aragón and Galicia

October 10, 2019/by desarrollo
Iluminación de emergencia para centros de mantenimiento de autopistas de Austria

Emergency lighting in the Austrian highways

October 3, 2019/by desarrollo
Llevamos energía de emergencia al Hospital de Montero, en Bolivia

We’ve supplied emergency power to the Montero Hospital, in Bolivia

September 26, 2019/by desarrollo
Nuestra energía, más cerca de las estrellas. Grupo electrógeno para el observatorio astronómico de Javalambre

Our power, reaching for the stars

September 12, 2019/by desarrollo
Grupo electrógeno personalizado para un centro de distribución en UK

Eight special generator sets for a British distribution centre

September 5, 2019/by desarrollo

We supplied emergency power to the hydroelectric power plants in the Miño-Sil river basin.

August 29, 2019/by desarrollo

Emergency power for a fish factory in Norway

August 8, 2019/by desarrollo

We supplied four generator sets to the Hospital of Toledo

July 24, 2019/by desarrollo

Special generator sets for substations in Zaragoza

July 11, 2019/by desarrollo

Design and manufacture of a special 550 kVA generator set with a marine engine for the Norwegian market

July 4, 2019/by desarrollo

The Saudi Arabian Embassy in Chad is powered by Genesal Energy

June 27, 2019/by desarrollo

We continue to reinforce our presence in the Middle East

June 13, 2019/by desarrollo

Finland, a market in expansion

June 5, 2019/by desarrollo

Emergency power to guarantee security in a Data Centre in Madrid

May 30, 2019/by desarrollo

Deportivo Alaves stadium illuminated by Genesal Energy

May 28, 2019/by genesal

Specialised generator set for a business center in Sweden

May 13, 2019/by desarrollo

We’re in Austria, the demanding Central European market

May 6, 2019/by desarrollo

More projects in Mexico: emergency power for Topolobampo II

April 23, 2019/by desarrollo

We designed a mobile genset adapted to the needs of our client, to start up at low temperatures in Finland

April 9, 2019/by desarrollo

Supply of two generators to a fish farm in Norway

April 1, 2019/by desarrollo

Supply, delivery and installation of a 1,000 kVA generator set for a CPD in Barcelona

March 25, 2019/by desarrollo

Two emergency gensets to guarantee reliability of an air traffic control tower in Cuba

March 20, 2019/by desarrollo

Supply of two generator sets for a photovoltaic power plant

March 4, 2019/by desarrollo

We supplied two “turnkey” generator sets to the biggest combined-cycle power plant in Jamaica

February 27, 2019/by desarrollo

Emergency Generator Set to provide power to a Data Center

February 11, 2019/by genesal

Emergency gensets for the railway sector

February 1, 2019/by genesal

We designed the gensets for two biomass power plants: the Viseu and Fundão power plants, in Portugal

January 24, 2019/by genesal

Dual frequency and dual voltage gensets for an international construction company

January 22, 2019/by genesal

Another accomplishment by our distributors in the UK

January 14, 2019/by genesal

We designed 11 gensets for three combined-cycle power plants in Bolivia that will increase the electric power in the country by 50%

December 10, 2018/by genesal

We supplied 24 gensets to guarantee the power supply in the Balearic Islands

November 26, 2018/by genesal

We designed a generator set for one of multinational company DSV’s centres in Sweden, prepared to operate in the extreme cold

November 5, 2018/by genesal

We installed generator sets in the Quito Sur Hospital in Ecuador

August 23, 2018/by genesal

Supply of seven mobile soundproof gensets with a remote communication system

August 23, 2018/by genesal

Genesal Energy has supplied an emergency genset for the combined cycle power plant (CCPP) known as Empalme II, a huge engineering project in the Sonora State of Mexico.

June 18, 2018/by genesal

Training Center

Emergency Power for the Saudi Arabian embassies in Ghana, Cameroon, Niger and Zambia

May 28, 2018/by genesal

Gensets for a solar power plant in South Africa that will supply electricity to 150,000 homes

April 3, 2018/by genesal

Made to measure energy solution for the Almaraz Nuclear Power Plant

March 12, 2018/by genesal

Emergency Power for Phosphates Treatment Plant in El Jadida, Morocco

February 28, 2018/by genesal

Genesal Energy continues to consolidate its standing in central America with a specially designed genset for Panamanian television.

November 6, 2017/by genesal

Designing and supplying efficient energy for a Spanish paradise: The island of Ons

September 4, 2017/by genesal

Energy with remote control modules for the French bank Credit Agricole, a leading European high street bank.

August 8, 2017/by genesal

Emergency back up power for the Machala General Hospital (Ecuador), a healthcare facility with 36 specialities and a catchment area of 350,000 people

July 19, 2017/by genesal

Genesal Energy Electrical Generator, dual voltage and dual frequency

June 30, 2017/by genesal

Genesal Energy supplies emergency power to the Steinkjer fish-farm in Norway with gensets synchronised in parallel

June 12, 2017/by genesal

GENESAL ENERGY has participated in the construction of the first submerged tunnel to be built in Latin America.

May 29, 2017/by genesal

Genesal Energy supplies a fully operational Containerized Power Supply for a Mobile 3D Radar System

March 22, 2017/by genesal

Combined Cycle Power Plant – Mexico

February 22, 2017/by genesal

Emergency Gensets for substation Lastva in Montenegro

January 25, 2017/by genesal


December 28, 2016/by genesal

Power supply for Spain’s most important Nuclear Power Plants

November 29, 2016/by genesal

Combined Cycle Plant GEN750TC

November 16, 2016/by genesal


November 2, 2016/by genesal

Super-compact GEN33D Power Generator

October 19, 2016/by genesal

GEN80FC – Extra Soundproof Genset

September 7, 2016/by genesal


June 23, 2016/by genesal


August 3, 2015/by genesal


June 1, 2013/by genesal

Supply and installation of an adapted genset for the airport of La Coruna in Northwest Spain

June 1, 2013/by genesal