Genesal Energy will guarantee power supply to Vialia, the biggest shopping center in Vigo

Vialia will open its doors in 2021 and will do so with Genesal Energy emergency power. We supplied two generator sets of great power, 600/660 kVA (GEN660YA) & 910/1000 kVA (GEN1000YI) each, designed to guarantee power supply for the building, which shall become Vigo’s biggest shopping center.

Located in the center of the city -between Gran Vía and Urzaiz- the great complex will have a total surface of 43.080 m² and will combine its commercial use with the AVE’s new railway services and the bus terminal. Vialia will also feature a public plaza of 23.000 m².

Generator sets are essential for spaces of this nature. Just like with office buildings, shopping centers can’t risk a power outage: they feature multiple services, in this case, linked with leisure and restaurants, and as such the bustle of people is constant, and the planning facing any unforeseen setbacks is vital, as any accident or mains failure would cause great losses.

In the case of Vialia, at Genesal Energy we looked for a bespoke solution for the client, and opted for extremely reliable gensets adapted to the project’s requirements. These are the main features of both units.

  • WHERE:

    Vialia shopping center. The GEN660YA inside a room in the building’s parking area, and the GEN1000YI on the roof.


     Emergency power supply for the shopping center.



  • Genset with external fuel tank of great capacity.
  • Special baseframe for gensets of this size.
  • RS485 module.


  • New 6 meter canopy: for a soundproof genset of this power rating and characteristics, a new 6m canopy has been developed as an alternative to the 20 foot container to reduce size, lead time and costs.
  • The design of the canopy is characterized by being Heavy Duty. It’s modular, allowing for the installation inside it of engine-alternator assemblies of up to 1250 kVA.
  • Allows an easy access to the control panel and circuit breaker, both located in their own cabinets with their own access door to the outside. It simplifies maintenance tasks due to its numerous doors on both sides.
  • External fuel fill connector, machinable cover for the control cable outlet and power cable outlet with rubber cover for improved isolation, and lifting lugs.
  • RS485 module.

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