Emergency power for Togo’s first thermal power plant

Togo’s first gas power plant will feature emergency power by Genesal Energy, who will participate in the project through a generator set prepared to face any setback and guarantee the facility’s correct operation.

In this type of combined cycle power plants, there are essential loads which must be powered permanently, such as the treatment plant systems or specific lubrication unit pumps designed to remain operative in any circumstance.

Therefore, in the event of an emergency situation like a power outage, it will always be possible to bring the whole system to a safe shutdown. This is precisely the function of the generator set supplied by our company for the thermal power plant, with a production capacity of 65MW and which has lead to an energy revolution for the Togolese citizens.

Control panel

For the combined cycle power plant in Togo, and according to the client’s needs, a generator set capable of being entirely controlled and monitored from its control panel was designed. The electrical schemes consisted in a diesel generator set connected via a protection breaker mounted on its container to a supply panel in the client’s facilities, and through this panel, all essential systems would be powered. As far as control equipment goes, apart from the PLC in charge of managing the genset’s operation, a protection relay was installed as well as a synchronizer for parallel to mains operation.

It is an entirely special solution, from start to finish. Thus, the container in which the genset is installed features bespoke elements, from the air conditioning system, to the fire detection system, motorized louvers, fans… all elements have been designed to adjust to the area’s needs, without of course forgetting those of the client.

The control and automatization of the genset for its integration within the rest of the plant’s control systems was designed made-to-measure in such a manner that a central PLC could completely control the emergency system.




    Our client asked for the generator set to be managed, controlled and monitored completely via its control panel.

International expansion

The arrival of gas to Togo is a major milestone for the African country, where up until this point power generation was based on less efficient and more pollutant systems. On the other hand, Genesal Energy’s participation in this project consolidates our presence in the African continent as well as our great focus on sustainability.

Guaranteeing power supply in any part of the world is our raison d’être and Africa is a strategic point in our international expansion plans. Our presence in the continent is evergrowing thanks to projects which are completely customized and above all, prepared to operate in the most extreme and strenuous conditions. The Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea Conakry or Cameroon are just some of the countries for which we’ve supplied emergency power.


  • Genset with EI-120 fire resistance.
  • Genset container divided in three separate chambers: genset room, control room and fuel tank room.
  • Fire detection and extinction system via nebulized water in the genset and fuel tank rooms.
  • Cooling system for genset room temperature control.
  • Air conditioning system in control room.
  • C5 surface treatment, according to ISO 12944-2:2018 norm.
  • Bespoke control system based on PLC.
  • AGM type batteries.
  • Engine liquid collection tray.
  • Automatic breaker with power output busbar adapted to client’s installations.
  • Engine cooling liquid recirculation and heating system to provide adequate startup temperature for the genset.
  • 2000L double-walled fuel tank.
  • Fuel tank leakage detection system.