Reliable power to ensure safety in two hospitals in the Canary Islands

To ensure the continuous operation of hospital facilities in the event of a possible failure in the electricity grid is the objective of the two generator sets that we have just manufactured and delivered to the Canary Islands. These are two units providing 600 kVA of continuous power and 660 KVA of emergency power.

Each of them will provide backup power to two buildings of the Canary Health Service being built in Gran Canaria and Tenerife, which will specialise in emerging diseases.

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    To install emergency generators to increase reliability in the event of a power failure in the hospital infrastructure on insular territory.

Where were they installed

The generator set designed for Gran Canaria will reinforce the emergency supply of the new hospitalisation facility being built next to the Juan Carlos I Hospital. The building has a surface area of 4,440 square metres and a capacity of approximately 100 beds. The amount allocated by the regional government to carry out the project is 14.5 million euros.

In Tenerife, the unit is identical to the one designed for the hospital in Gran Canaria and will form part of the equipment of the new La Candelaria health complex. It is a 4,400 square metre building with a capacity for 98 beds. The investment exceeds 12.7 million euros.
In both designs, the client’s and our engineers’ objective was the same: the generator sets had to be highly reliable and very quiet, two fundamental characteristics in all projects for hospitals and healthcare centres.

Why are they special solutions

The generator sets we manufacture for sanitary installations are highly versatile and offer maximum reliability, both in terms of performance and operation. The reason is obvious. Any failure in the generator sets would be very serious and the patients would be the most affected by it.

For this reason, the energy supplied here must be even more reliable than ever, so that in the event of an incident in the operating theatres, laboratories, ICUs or rooms, the consequences are unnoticeable.

For the two hospitals in the Canary Islands, both units were equipped with -30dB(A) air inlet and outlet silencers to increase sound attenuation of the rooms. In this way, it is possible to offer power supply under optimal conditions of low noise levels.

“A power failure can cause serious personal injury to the users of the facility, both regarding the main services of the hospital – such as lighting or lifts – the most sensitive and delicate areas – such as operating theatres – where a constant power supply is absolutely essential”, our technicians recall, taking into account the demands of the fire protection systems to fully shield the power supply in this case.

Reliability and experience

Due to the specific conditions of these buildings, at Genesal Energy we carried out a detailed study of the needs of the hospital complex regarding the installation of the generator sets so that no detail was overlooked.

The new hospitals in Cuenca and Guadalajara, the Isabel Zendal and Álvaro Cunqueiro complexes in Madrid and Vigo, respectively, and the University of Navarra clinic are some of the healthcare facilities that have had their safety shielded with Genesal Energy emergency power. Internationally, we have also developed numerous projects in hospitals in countries of the European Union or America, such as Great Britain, Ecuador or Bolivia.

  • Open static unit, with 2.000 L double walled fuel tank for maximum autonomy.
  • Air inlet and outlet silencers.
  • Configuration: Open unit
  • Prime power: 2×600 kVA
  • Standby power: 2×660 kVA
  • Voltage: 400/230 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • RPM: 1500 RPM
  • Engine: Baudouin
  • Alternator: Stamford