Emergency power for a photovoltaic plant in the Chilean region of Atacama

Our extensive experience in the manufacture of customised generator sets is a guarantee for our clients.

In Chile, a country in which we’ve already participated in the construction of a thermosolar power plant and a photovoltaic power plant in Cerro Dominador, high up in the Atacama desert, we’ve just supplied an emergency generator set for a very special project: to power the alternating current auxiliary services of a photovotaic solar plant’s substation in Region III, Atacama.

With 28 megawatts in power and an investment of 78 million dollars, the plant is one of the country’s greatest power projects, and has the approval of Chile’s Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). It’s composed of 13 blocks of two megawatts each and two blocks of one megawatt respectively, and features 114.000 crystalline solar modules and tracking systems.

In order to provide the best service, our engineering team carried out an in-depth analysis and examined the area’s special conditions, an essential step in providing the most adequate solution.

And so, both the startup and the shutdown of the genset will occur through external commands and will be able to operate in parallel to mains. With this solution, the brief power cut-off experienced upon mains return which would have been generated in the client’s substation and sectioning centre auxiliary service panels, is avoided.

  • WHERE:



    To provide power for the alternating current auxiliary services of the substation it’s intended for.


  • Genset in parallel with mains, for non-zero crossing upon mains return.
  • Special canopy with double-walled base frame fuel tank.
  • Reinforced genset for 0,3g seismic compliance.