Delivering emergency power to the Poland-Lithuanian connection, one of the biggest electrical challenges in the Baltic countries

The construction of the electrical interconnection lines between Poland and Lithuania is key in the creation of a common European energy market. In this great project, the LitPol Link substation is an important part of the chain for which Genesal Energy has supplied bespoke emergency power for the essential services of the installation facing any possible failure.

The weather conditions that the Lithuanian substation -which represents the electrical link between the Baltic electricity transmission system and the European synchronous network, with a total distance of 341 kilometres- must face, were crucial in the production of the generator set for LitPol Link. Our engineers designed a generator set capable of operating at peak performance at the lowest of temperatures and through extremely adverse situations such as great storms and strong snowfall.

Adapted to the extreme cold

Our vast experience in the design of systems to combat the extreme cold was of huge backing to us when it came to facing this project. With good reason, Genesal Energy is a reference brand in Scandinavian countries and in the North of Europe with our low temperature range.

In the case of the LitPol Link substation, the result was a special generator set which was completely adapted to the harsh environment. Upon analyzing the client’s needs, the R&D department opted for a made-to-measure solution: a 200/220 kVA generator set with heaters installed inside the canopy, an anticondensation heater in the power cabinet and heater in the fuel tank. Likewise, all necessary measures were taken to avoid setbacks in vital processes such as the startup of the generator set in an emergency situation. Finally, at the client’s request, a fire (heat and smoke) detection system was installed. The generator set includes a control panel prepared for parallel operation.


  • Genset designed to operate in the extreme cold, including engine air intake heating, oversized batteries, motorized louvers, heaters inside the canopy, anticondensation heaters in the power cabinet and heater in the fuel tank. These elements guarantee perfect startup and operation at low temperatures.
  • Soundproof canopy with IP44 protection, preventing the entrance of dust and water, Furthermore, it’s been given anti-corrosion C4 treatment.
  • At the client’s request, a fire (smoke and heat) detection system was installed.
  • The genset features a control panel prepared for parallel operation, as well as a signal expansion module for the specific alarms requested by the client.
  • Charger failure alarm.
  • External fuel filling points, including fuel transfer supply through a gauge and maximum level safety sensor.
  • Digital low oil level sensor.
  • The genset component nameplates were designed in Lithuanian language at the client’s request, according to the project’s specific requirements.