We supplied an emergency genset with an aseismatic system for the Carrasco electrical substation (Bolivia)

Guaranteeing power supply in extreme situations is one of Genesal Energy’s specialties. Genesal’s emergency genset designs are always carried out according to the client’s needs. The Carrasco electrical substation, in Cochabamba (Bolivia), is one of our latest projects in the country and a great example of seismic engineering.

For the Carrasco substation, the client needed a genset with very specific needs, as the installation is located in a very sensitive area, which is quite vulnerable to earthquakes. With the objective of facing this possibility and avoiding a catastrophe, our engineering team carried out a thorough study after listening to the client and analyzing the site in which the genset would be installed.

Upon receiving all required information, Genesal Energy manufactured a very precise genset, with all the necessary special systems to protect the Carrasco electrical substation. The result is a unit which, amongst other features, has anti-seismic mounts, and spring mounts between the base frame and the floor. A vent for the channelling of the cooling air to the outside, and a 1.700 litre fuel tank -which in this case was reinforced to comply with anti-seismic regulations- are just a few examples of the features of this genset, whose goal is to avoid failures in the mains supply which provides power to millions of citizens, at all times.

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    The client needed a genset to attend to the substation’s services in an emergency situation, guaranteeing the unit’s operation during a possible earthquake, and through the use of the IEC 61850 communication protocol.


  • Anti-seismic mounts.
  • Spring mounts between the baseframe and the floor.
  • Vent for the channelling of the output cooling air to the outside.
  • Reinforced 1700 litre baseframe fuel to comply with anti-seismic regulations (without certificate).
  • IVECO NEF67 TE2A engine at 24V.
  • Mecc Alte ECO 38-2S alternator at a voltage of 380/220.
  • 3400×1350 mm soundproof canopy.
  • RAL 9002 genset colour.
  • IEC61850 communication.