Emergency power to guarantee electrical supply in a hotel complex in Mexico

We’ve recently supplied emergency power for a hotel complex in Mexico to guarantee continuous electrical supply in any situation. This will be possible through the design and manufacture of two generator sets (GEN1250CA) prepared to cover the energy needs of these facilities should any failure or accident take place in the mains network.

The fact that the hotel is located in Mexico, with a climate which is subject to intense and harsh changes in weather such as cyclones or tropical storms, makes the installation of generator sets, which must be prepared to start up in the most difficult of circumstances, even more necessary.

Why is it so important for this type of facilities to possess generator sets?

This type of buildings, which are usually of great dimensions and feature numerous additional services, require their own power generation system for emergencies as they cannot leave anything to chance.

Halls, bedrooms, rest and restaurant areas, lighting, DHW, elevators… all areas, whether private or common, must always possess adequate power supply as a power outage would entail serious losses for both the clients and management of the hotel. At Genesal we’re specialists in this type of buildings -the first Hilton in Galicia is one of our latest projects-.

We offer a different, comprehensive service

Additionally, Genesal Energy’s broad experience in Mexico, a country in which it owns a branch office, makes the whole process with the client even easier. From the very beginning, the company provides the client with the knowledge of our engineers, a 360º service where all processes prove a lot easier despite their complexity, in important aspects such as genset commissioning or maintenance.

For this hotel complex, each generator set will supply power to a step-up transformer which changes the genset voltage to medium voltage and synchronizes both gensets and the mains in the event of an emergency.

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    The hotel has a medium voltage power supply connection from which the loads hang. The idea is to supply emergency power in the event of a voltage drop in the network and, given that the hotel has vary variable loads, according to the operation at hand, two gensets may have to be used in parallel to supply power to the facilities, in such a way that one genset alone can be started up if necessary to supply power to the loads.

This was the solution provided by Genesal’s engineers

From a mechanical point of view:

  • A base frame adapted to the assembly comprised of a Cummins KTA38 G14 engine and Stamford HCI634J1 alternator was developed, calculated and manfactured.
  • BRB AMC BRB 220 40 SH M24 anti vibration mounts were installed to prevent the transmission of unwanted vibrations to the hotel structure and a busbar of easy access and connection, but with adequate safety measures.
  • A control panel was designed to allow the taking of genset measurements from the medium voltage side, in such a way that, even if the group generated in low voltage, the startup and synchronization would be carried out in the medium voltage network.
  • To maintain the alternator protected if ever the step-up transformer fails, a specific protection relay for the low voltage part was added so that, if ever there were a short-circuit between the transformer and alternator, the genset could shut down and isolate the transformer to avoid greater damage.
  • Furthermore, a control panel for the management of the parallel operation between the island of gensets and the mains was supplied, so that the island would be capable of automatic startup following a mains failure, and synchronization upon mains return would be possible, so that the loads remain powered during the whole mains return process.
  • Finally, to ensure fuel economy of the gensets, between both gensets is a power management system which allows for one of the gensets to shut down if during a certain time the load dips below the configured value, starting up and synchronizing again if the consumption of the loads increases.
  • Alternator with PMG.
  • 600L base frame fuel tank.
  • Motorized breaker.