GENESAL ENERGY Tech Support Services can design specific maintenance plans as per the clients demands, whether for a large float of gensets or an individual unit.

Maintenance just for you

Preventive actions

Maintenance in line with your own businesses operational mode Services adapted to the operational schedule of the machinery:


  • Annual technical insepction for filter change, oil etc in accordance with protocols as determined by the integrated elements of the machinery.
  • Two annual inspections: change consumibles, level checks, properly functioning equipment tests, report on anomalies from visual inspections by the technician and incident assessment if necessary.
  • Up to 12 annual technical inspections (consumibles replacement, 11 annual technical inspections and tests)*
  • Supervision and virtual control of gensets through remote management systems.


  • Adjustment of the frequency of maintenance and the time of day it is carried out depending on consumibles changes and the client’s business operating hours.

Corrective actions

GENESAL ENERGT SAT provides trouble shooting solutions for breakdowns which depending on their origin: mechanical / electrics / electronics have caused operational deficiencies leading the genset to stop working, and with grave consequences for the user.

Improvement and updating actions

We adapt the genset to the client’s NEW demands (new alarms if necessary, control panel config changes, remote management systems, external fuel tanks etc). With a view to giving optimal client services, GENESAL ENERGY Technical Support Services will use all the tools necessary to give the best possible result in fault prevention.

  • On-site – Portable load benches used for testing.
  • In our factory – Static load bank with variable cos ϕ of 3,300kVA
*Adaptable to the number of visits in relation to the needs of each genset.