We supplied a generator set to a senior centre in Madrid.

We have recently supplied a generator set to guarantee the electricity supply in the event of a mains failure in a senior centre located in Madrid. In this case, it is a soundproofed unit of 550 kVA designed to face any unexpected event of accident.

This senior centre has 220 places available, 40 of which are destined to day care centres, as well as several rest and common areas. Needless to say that a power outage in this kind of centres may cause serious harm to residents since many are dependent persons who need continuing medical care, so it is fundamental to guarantee the electricity supply.

Medical care in these centres is a priority, and that what our customer emphasized. Thus, Genesal we looked for the most suitable solution considering the characteristics of the building and, especially, the residents’ needs.

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    Replace the existing generator set with a highly reliable soundproof set.

110% load testing

Our engineering department’s solution focused on making the standard generator set fit like a glove to the place where it will be working inside the building. This genset included an upper air outlet, amongst other features.

Besides, all necessary tests were carried out, including a final test on our load bank up to 110% power aiming to verify that the equipment would work without any problem when needed.

This test is part of the exhaustive controls that Genesal Energy carries out not only customized, but also standard units, to meet the strict quality standards required by the company.