Genesal Energy guarantees emergency power to one of the UK’s major hospitals

At Genesal Energy, we have just supplied emergency power to one of the main hospitals in the Northwest of the UK through the design, manufacture and supply of a 1100 kVA standby generator set ready to work in parallel with the mains.

The generator designed by our engineering team guarantees the continuous electricity supply and therefore, the uninterrupted operation of the hospital’s health services in the different areas.

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    Guaranteeing the continuity in the electricity supply for the operation of the medical care equipment, operating rooms, hospitalization and other health areas of the hospital.

Generator sets must be designed for a quick response – a few seconds – in the event of a mains failure or any other reason involving a power outage. This is the case of the equipment we designed for the abovementioned British hospital as its main goal is to ensure the electricity supply in all the medical care facilities, operating rooms, hospitalization plants and other health areas with the greatest precision. In addition, noise pollution has been reduced to the maximum considering the importance of peace and quiet for patients in this kind of buildings.

Our extensive experience in developing on-demand solutions for hospitals, regardless of their size and/or location, is one of Genesal Energy’s highlights both in Spain and internationally, as well as the best guarantee of the quality of our equipment.

There is a common denominator in hospitals: they treat convalescent people. This consequently implies a challenge for the company, as the safety and precision of Genesal’s equipment must reach their highest levels, especially in these buildings. “Our generator sets are designed under the premise that nothing can fail, and there cannot be any fissures in the process. It is fundamental for every unit that leaves the factory to be extremely reliable so that energy is provided quickly and with the necessary power”, our R+D+I department stated.

  • Comap InteliGen NTC BaseBox controller with InteliVision 5 display unit.
  • Configuration:
    • Auto start in the event of a mains failure
    • Parallel operation with the mains
  • 1600 L base frame integrated fuel tank including a collection tray with capacity to collect 110% the capacity of the actual fuel tank.
  • Generator mounted on a 20HC soundproof container with built-in air inlet and outlet silencers of -35 dBA to achieve a noise level of 75 dBA@1m. Acoustic panel of greater thickness inside the container and high-density soundproofing sheet have been included as well.
  • Double doors on both sides of the container for a greater accessibility and to facilitate maintenance works.
  • Customized external cable connection box for an easy connection of customer’s cables.
  • Control panel on the outside for quick access.
  • Motorized louvers.