Emergency power for the Los Llanos wind farm, a new source of renewable power

The first wind park to be raised in the province of Malaga was in the Casares municipality and since then the offer for this type of renewable power has not stopped growing. Genesal Energy’s focus on alternative and sustainable power has also increased considerably in the last decade, with an ever-growing market, and Andalucía is no exception in our line of business.

This way, one of our latest projects has taken us to the Los Llanos wind park, one of the pioneers in this autonomous community, through the manufacturing and supply of a “turnkey” generator set, made-to-measure for the client, which amongst other requirements, asked that the genset be prepared for remote start-up and that it could provide power to the primary loads in the substation facing a possible mains failure.
The generator set, which will operate in Los Llanos, will start-up remotely when the control system of the substation detects a mains failure because precision is vital in this type of installation where wind is the basic power source.

  • WHERE:

    Los Llanos wind park in the province of Malaga.




    To provide power to the substation’s primary loads in the event of a mains failure. The genset will start up remotely when the control system of the substation detects a mains failure.


  • Approved double-walled 1.000L fuel tank for outdoors
  • Baseframe fuel tank prepared as leakage tray
  • Electronic engine speed regulation
  • Signal and alarm remote expansion module
  • Remote start-up