We’ve supplied emergency power to an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico

We’ve designed a generator set for an offshore platform in the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s a special solution for a special location, as this type of marine platform contains specific loads (pumps, compressors, fans…) which, if ever a failure of the mains supplies or any other incident were to occur, must continue operating to guarantee power supply to the installation at all times.

What did our client need?

A versatile generator set capable of operating in manual/local or automatic mode, carrying out synchronization with both of the installation’s mains supplies, and adapted to the system’s own requirements.

How does it work?

  • In automatic mode, the genset begins its start-up sequence either due to a failure of both of the installation’s mains supplies or at the operator’s will. In the latter case, through a remote contact sent from the client’s DCS. When the genset is ready for the load, the loading sequence begins automatically to feed the installation’s essential loads.When mains supply is reestablished, a non-zero transfer between the mains and the genset is carried out, and the genset stops automatically.
  • In manual mode, the client can manage the whole system through the control panel’s touch-screen. From there, its possible to locally start up and stop the genset and manage its breakers, as well as those of the mains and coupling of the semi- busbars.

Why is it a customised solution?

Because we design completely tailor-made solutions, having listened to the client’s needs and establishing how we can turn what they need into reality. At Genesal Energy we design, for example, soundproof gensets which are then installed in a container with elements which have been thought-out and designed to comply with our clients’ concrete needs: from fire-detection systems, to air conditioning, motorized louvers, fans, etc.

In the case of the offshore platform, the genset was designed made-to-measure according to the electrical requirements of the installation, while also having adapted to the operational logic requested by the client, for which a PLC was installed to control the genset and the system.


  • Control and power cabinets integrated in the same soundproof container, in a room separate from the engine and alternator.
  • Stainless steel cabinets.
  • Air conditioning system in the control room.
  • Extractor fans to control the temperature in the engine room.
  • Motorized louvers on the air inlet and outlet.
  • Engine cooling liquid recirculation and heating system to provide the correct temperature for genset start up.
  • C5-M treatment on the outer container, according to ISO 12944 norms.
  • Container’s external louvers in stainless steel.
  • External exhaust silencer with spark arrestor in stainless steel, and with T output and drain.
  • Alternator with Total Plus marine impregnation – Total Plus.
  • CO2 fire detection and extinction system.
  • Air inlet and outlet silencers to reduce sound level to 85 dB.
  • Generator differential protection with relay.
  • Alternator winding temperature control through PT-100 sensors.
  • Neutral earthing resistance through motorized breaker.
  • Alternator diodes failure detection module.
  • Touch-screen on the control panel to manage and monitor the system.


  • Execution: 40’HC soundproof container
  • Prime Power: 1705 KVA
  • Standby Power: 1875 KVA
  • Voltage:  480/277 VCA
  • Frequency: 60 Hz
  • RPM: 1800 RPM
  • Engine: PERKINS
  • Alternator: MECC ALTE