We’ve reinforced our presence in Asia through a new market: Taiwan, the ever-expanding Asian Tiger

At Genesal Energy we’ve opened up a new market in Taiwan through the supply of a 500 kVA generator set designed to supply power in mains failure situations.

Our arrival to the Taiwanese market marks a turning point in Genesal’s internationalization plan in South East Asia. Taiwan is a strategic market, due both to its economic importance as the 28th wealthiest country worldwide and the 6th wealthiest in Asia, and to its potential for companies in the energy industry.

With a GDP that grows at a dizzying rate year by year, the power distribution sector is in constant evolution and with an increasingly strong focus on sustainability. As such, the first project we’ve carried out in the country, a stationary genset of 450-500 kVA, complies with Tier III emission standards. We delivered a genset which was completely adapted to the client’s requirements, providing the adaptability and flexibility needed for a correct integration of all components, with the following features:

  • Stationary, open type genset of 450-500 kVA at 60Hz, 380/220V.
  • DSE 7320 MKII control panel for automatic start at mains failure, with an Ethernet communication module to monitor the genset’s status remotely from a linked-up computer.

12 gensets for the Administration

Furthermore, our entry into the Taiwanese energy market has been consolidated through the supply of 12 gensets of 200/220 kVA for the Taiwanese Administration. The units, all customised, are designed to enter into operation should a mains failure ever occur. The gensets are stationary and were personalized according to the client’s requirements to be adapted to the modifications that would be carried out at a later date in their facilities. All of them comply with Tier III emission standards.

Main features

  • Open type stationary units of 200/220 kVA at 60Hz, 220/127 V.
  • DSE 7320 MKII control panel for start-up upon mains failure.
  • Engine with EGR valve for exhaust gas recirculation.
  • Alternator anti-condensation heaters.