The Saudi Arabian Embassy in Chad is powered by Genesal Energy

The Saudi Arabian Embassy in Chad is powered by Genesal Energy, through four generator sets designed and manufactured made-to-measure, in two sets of two different power ratings: 1.000-1.100 kVA and 1.500-1.650 kVA respectively, prepared for parallel operation.

The four gensets are designed to guarantee a constant and failure-free power supply, 24/7, 365. If ever there were to be a failure in the mains power supply, both gensets would start up; as long as loads don’t exceed 80% power of one of the gensets, one of them will stay in operation, powering the loads, and the other will stop; but if the load reaches 80%, the other genset would operate in parallel with the other, powering the loads.

    Four generator sets designed and manufactured made-to-measure for the embassy of Saudi Arabia in Chad..

    In parallel

    Likewise, in the event of the failure of one of the gensets operating on its own, the other will start up, providing redundant operation.

    As well as its parallel, redundant, power-managing system, the units manufactured by Genesal Energy for the Saudi Arabian Embassy have the particularity of including a power outlet adapted to the client’s needs, constructed with a bus bar capable of holding up to four cables per phase of 630 mm2 at the genset breaker’s outlet.


    • Special bus bar at the the genset breaker’s outlet to hold up to four cables per phase of 630 mm2.
    • Parallel and redundant operation between the gensets.
    • 1000 L. Schütz fuel tank with Inpro fuel transfer system.
    • Recirculation and heating system for the engine’s coolant in order to provide the correct temperature for start up.
    • Control panel integrated in the base frame.