Gensets designed to supply power for military telecommunications

Gensets designed to supply power for military telecommunications

1. Sound proofed to 65Dba AT 7m the generators have been installed in a specially designed cabin to comply with the exceptional dimensions and weight limits as requested by the client.
2. They are redundant gensets with 2 engines and 2 alternators installed in each canopy.
3. The gensets are mobile and have been installed on single or double axel trailers depending on their power. They have been designed to circulate either on public roads or complex terrain.
4. They can work in adverse climatic conditions (from -32ºC to 49 ºC, heavy rainfall, icy conditions, solar radiation, sand, fog etc)
5. These gensets were designed to be transportable by sea, air or railway.

They have to had to overcome a wide range of critical tests:

• Operate in elevated temperatures, up to +49 ºC.
• Operate in very low temperatures, as low as -32 ºC.
• Absorb sudden temperature changes of 13.4 ºC/min.
• Withstand solar radiation without any deterioration at up to 1120W/ m2.
• Operate in heavy rainfall a t up to 2,500l/ m2.
• Withstand up to 37mm thickness of ice formation.
• Resistant to sand and dust penetration.
• Work to 100% load at up to 3000m above sea level.
• Withstand up to 20G impacts.
• Withstand up to 10G sudden acceleration.
• Withstand shocks of 40G 6ms 1000 pulses.
• Withstand freefall of up to 50cm.
• Attain IP54/65 level of protection.
• High saline resistance.
• Operate in an acidic environment.
• Operate in conditions that have been contaminated with hazardous liquids.
• High resistance to mould and other microbe type species.

Power10 / 20 / 30 / 50 y 60 kVA
Voltage400/230 V
Frequency50 Hz
Alternator2xLeroy Somer