Our dedication to R&D&i has led to Genesal Energy becoming
a reference in the global market for specialised gensets, not to mention in-house technology development meaning our clients are supplied with gensets that contain unique properties not found elsewhere.
GENESAL ENERGY is a UNE 166002:2006 R+D Project Management certified business.

Detailed study

GENESAL ENERGY always analyses and evaluates the needs of each client.

At GENESAL ENERGY, we analyse the requirements of each particular client and we examine in detail all the aspects of the installation (atmospheric conditions, demand, etc.) in order to offer a bespoke power generation solution with optimal performance and functionality.

Our turn-key approach means we develop all the engineering aspects of the project. Additionally we don’t just design the customised generator set that responds to your needs but we also manage the whole project implementation, by providing you with customized support for the logistical aspects and co-operating with your technical teams in order to ensure a successful outcome.

Whether it is for marine generators, military generators, emergency power generators, residential or any other specific application, GENESAL ENERGY is always ready to offer the most efficient solution.

Power classification for all the engines

As part of our commitment to a personalised client service, we can count on engines produced by the most recognised engine manufacturers covering a very wide range of power settings.

Engine 50 Hz 60 Hz
MTU 450-3300 kVA 500-3900 kVA
DOOSAN 200-825 kVA 230-940 kVA
SCANIA 250-770 kVA 275-800 kVA
VOLVO 85-770 kVA 85-800 kVA
KOHLER 5-66 kVA 6-77 kVA
FPT 30-617 kVA 32-687 kVA
CUMMINS 25-2500 kVA 25-2500 kVA
PERKINS 9-2500 kVA 9-1875 kVA
MITSUBISHI 800-2650 kVA 870-2500 kVA
DEUTZ 13-560 kVA 15-590 kVA
JOHN DEERE 30-300 kVA 32-330 kVA

Genset Characteristics

  • Gensets with a radiator and cooling system placed outside the genset room.
  • Specialised gensets for operation in extremely cold climates with unique internal heating systems.
  • Gensets that comply with seismic norms and are thus certified for each project.
  • Containers permitting separate sections for distinct parts.
  • Containers with RF100 systems.
  • Containers with internal climate control systems.
  • Canopies and containers painted for the most demanding situations and in accordance with ISO 12944.
  • Containers with internal fire extinguishing systems.
  • Containers with automated open/shut grills to avoid the entry of foreign elements when the genset is used in an exterior application.
  • Dust and sand particle filter systems within the cabins/containers.
  • Complete control development adapted a to any type of operation through the PLC of any brand, this includes control requirements in external areas of a genset installation.
  • Specialised synchronisation systems between various power networks and various gensets.
  • Special protection relays to meet any protection requirements in line with ANSI norms.
  • Medium voltage gensets, either via power generation through the alternator, or through an elevated transformer, including medium voltage switchgear.
  • Special testing for cold, heat, jolting, fog, saline, rain etc