Silent generator set for the installations of a television set

Generating sets are essential to guarantee the electricity supply in telecommunications infrastructures and, in this kind of facility, the levels of technical demand have to be very high. This is the case of the generator set that we have designed to reinforce the emergency system of the facilities of a television set.

When we talk about radio or television in the distributed energy sector, we are very aware that, in addition to offering a continuous supply 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, here quality is as important as quantity, which means that image and sound have to reach the receiver continuously and, of course, without interference. Thus, since journalistic companies need to be prepared to broadcast content in any circumstance and occasion, it is so important that they count on high-engineering generator sets.

In record time

In this case, the customer needed to renew his emergency equipment due to a breakdown of the equipment he owned and a bad experience with the purchase of another equipment from another manufacturer, which had to be returned as it was not suitable for the existing loads – it is very important to always know the profile of the loads and correctly size each part of the generator set. Given such circumstances, the genset had to be manufactured in a very short period of time. Our project consisted in developing a super soundproofed 1400 KVA outdoor emergency generator set, not only capable of going into operation almost immediately and, therefore, of ensuring supply under any weather condition thus avoiding outages, but also had to be extremely silent, since the generator set is normally used as the main electricity source (depending on the type of recording).

After carrying out an exhaustive study of the load profile, at Genesal Energy we designed, manufactured and installed the new emergency generator in a record period of four weeks (during the month of August), achieving a compact solution for a unit with a low noise level rate and high power, 100% compatible with existing installation.

Why a low noise equipment

With few exceptions, the generators that are designed for the telecommunications field provide a low noise level since they are usually very close to television sets, studios or film sets, that is, dependencies that for obvious reasons related to their daily work require very restrictive acoustic conditions concerning noise from the outside and all kinds of interference. At Genesal Energy, we are experts in the manufacturing of this kind of equipment.

These are the main characteristics of the equipment that our engineers designed.

  • Power output panel integrated in the soundproof container.
  • Control panel integrated in the soundproof container.
  • Air inlet and outlet silencers attached to the container
  • Antifreeze filling pump.
  • Paint in colour required by the customer
  • Installation including large tonnage unloading crane, connection of the power and control wiring, assembly of the exhaust gas chimney to save the height of the building, commissioning and telephone service 24h/365 days.
  • 2000 L fuel tank integrated in the skid frame for a large autonomy.

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