Galicia’s first Hilton hotel trusts in Genesal Energy emergency power

Generator sets are indispensable in hotels as they are buildings which, due to their characteristics, under no circumstances can be left without power. In the event of a mains failure, the generator set is essential and must start up in that very moment to supply power to all the hotel’s installations as each of its services must remain operative: laundry, kitchen, restaurant, rooms and, in some cases, even the central reservation system. Nothing can be stalled.

The hotel opened its doors in A Coruña on September 10th and aspires to become a reference in the Northeast of Spain. The project has entailed an investment of 14 million euros and the creation of 40 direct and 20 indirect jobs. Design, technology and innovation are three of the characteristics which define this hotel, which features 59 rooms.

A great dining terrace, designed for use in both summer and winter; a versatile library room, which may be used for business meetings, as well as a private terrace, are just some of the Hilton’s attributes.

Reliable and silent

To keep everything running at one hundred percent, the Double Tree by Hilton A Coruña, the first of the chain to open in Galicia, has a generator set designed and manufactured in our facilities in Bergondo, A Coruña, in order to carry out its assigned function in the hotel – one of the most exclusive in the city of A Coruña as well as the autonomous community as a whole – as effectively as possible.

Along with maximum reliability, the emergency genset is soundproofed to guarantee maximum sound level reduction, a fundamental aspect for buildings which, just like Double Tree by Hilton A Coruña, are located right in the city center.

Installation and features

Keeping in mind the space limitations in the installation area, a custom canopy had to be designed. As the engine-alternator assembly’s main compartment’s dimensions had to be maintained in order to ensure maximum sound attenuation, the generator set’s height was reduced instead and the base frame fuel tank eliminated. Instead, a double-walled external fuel tank was supplied, providing a greater autonomy.

Furthermore, the placement of the exhaust gas silencer was modified, placing the outlet to the side of the canopy instead of through its top, which would have been the standard configuration, in order to channel the exhaust gases through the existing chimney.

On the other hand, the soundproofing of the generator set was also increased through the integration of sound absorbing material of a greater thickness, as well as air inlet and outlet silencers attached to the unit. The client requested a specific sound level which we had to confirm during the FAT procedure, even surpassing the attenuation required.

The duct was also designed made-to-measure to channel the air outwards, as the air outlet was located in a place difficult to access.

In order to reduce the vibrations transmitted, the unit was placed on an anti-vibration canvas. Furthermore, we carried out the extraction of the existing generator set from the old building.

Genset (GEN220FI) render

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