The Fenicias wind farm, in Mexico, our latest project in our quest for the wellbeing of our planet

Electricity demand in Mexico grows at a rythm of 3% a year and in the solar power sector, the development of solar plants in the country increases year by year, generating investments of millions and thousands of jobs. It’s no surprise that Mexico is one of the ten countries with the largest investment in clean energy of the whole planet and when it comes to power efficiency, it’s amongst the leading countries in Latin America.

The photovoltaic plant is a modern facility with capacity to generate 200 MW, which contains a booster substation, of medium voltage network, and two high voltage evacuation lines, both of 230 kVA.

We participated in the project through the manufacture and supply of three special generator sets, one of 250 kVA and two of 100 kVA. Each one of them was developed following state specifications and norms, an official certification which grants only few foreign companies the possibility to work on great governmental projects in Mexico.

The generator sets were designed in order to guarantee power supply if ever a mains failure were to happen and to operate as a back up for the booster and switching substations, in compliance with the client’s specifications.

  • WHERE:

    Nuevo Leon (México)


    Supply emergency power to a wind farm’s substations (Booster & Switching Substations).


Gensets complying with CFE W4700-10 specifications, featuring:

  • GEN110FC: Dual Voltage 240/120V.
  • GEN220F: Dual Voltage 220/127V.
  • Soundproof canopy.