High precision energy for Madrid-North railway complex

GEN1116CC para el sector industrial

Some buildings are only 100% safe in case they have a 24/7 power supply. Premises which must be fail-safe to provide service under any circumstances. Railway stations & facilities are vital and nothing can go wrong.

Ensure the correct functioning of this type of services is a familiar challenge to us. Genesal Energy has a solid experience developing generator sets for this sector.

  • DÓNDE:



    Five 450 kVA gensets with great autonomy

This time, we have designed five 450 kVA bespoke generator sets with base frame integrated 900 litres fuel tanks for the Madrid-North railway complex. Compact and fully adapted to the customer’s needs which were very specific. Part of a project involving the enlargement of the self-propelled units’ workshop in Chamartín, Madrid.

After careful location & conditions study, Genesal Energy specifically designed gensets capable of supplying optimal power to the plant constantly in the event of a network failure.

  • Special base frame fitted with a great autonomy 900 litre fuel tank
  • Open type set
  • Automatic operation control panel with Modbus TCP/IP communication
  • Air outlet funnels for optimal cooling
  • Ejecución: Open type with great capacity fuel tank
  • Potencia Prime: 410 kVA
  • Potencia Standby: 450 kVA
  • Tensión:  400/230 V 
  • Frecuencia: 50 HZ
  • RPM: 1.500

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