RTVE trusts in Genesal Energy to guarantee their connections in Mesón do Vento, one of their main strategic broadcast centers

The RTVE Corporation has 32 Medium Wave (MW) broadcast centers, that is, the band of the electromagnetic spectrum destined to, in the case of this particular public television service, the broadcasting of Radio 1 and Radio 5 Todo Noticias.

Six of these centers are considered strategic by the company, due to their broadcasting power as well as the population they cover, and thus, they are also the most important within the Medium Wave network. These are the Majadahonda center in Madrid, Las Mesas (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria), Los Palacios (Seville), Palau de Plegamans (Barcelona), Torre Cotillas (Murcia) and Mesón do Vento in Galicia. For this last center, we designed a generator set with a clear objective: to guarantee the safety of the 24 hour broadcasts.

In fact, security systems are absolutely vital in this type of installations as they have to be connected to the RTVE Corporation’s security system permanently. In this case, the Mesón do Vento broadcasting center was left without emergency power due to a breakdown of the existing equipment.

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    At the time, the facilities didn’t have an emergency power generation system due to a breakdown in the existing equipment. Genesal Energy was contacted for assistance and technical support in the extraction of the old genset and installation of the new one.


  • MTU engine and Leroy Somer LSA alternator, especially selected for telecoms due to their voltage and frequency stability, thanks to their optimal fuel injection and AVR card.
  • The scope of supply included two approved 1500 litre fuel tanks in order to increase autonomy to 24 hours.
  • Redundant startup system with double starting motor and double set of batteries.
  • Fuel cut-off valve.
  • Modbus TCP/IP communication system.
  • Made-to-measure exhaust gas outlet ducts to coincide with what the client required. They incorporated spark extinguishing systems as the center is located in a natural environment, in order to avoid a fire if ever a flame were to be expelled through the exhaust gas silencer.
  • FAT procedure for 40 continuous hours at 75% load.