Emergency power for a pharmaceutical center to guarantee the robotic management of 20.000 products

Pharmaceutical warehouses or distribution centers store and supply medication to the different pharmacies. In these facilities, keeping strict control of the temperature (between 15 and 25ºC) and humidity is key in the correct care of their goods. For this reason, this type of facilities needs to have emergency generator sets to face any potential mains failure which would result in a catastrophe and the loss of goods.

At Genesal Energy we’ve designed, manufactured and supplied a generator set for an important robotic pharmaceutical distribution center, with the goal of providing power in mains failure situations for its warehouse in Spain which has just been expanded and fit with a robotic plant for the preparation of orders.

Bespoke solution

After its construction phase, the distribution center will manage a volume of 20.000 pharmaceutical product references in a warehouse with a surface of 5.000 square metres.

In the face of the inability to transport the assembled generator set to its definitive location -due to its weight and dimensions- our team of technicians opted for dividing the base frame in two parts and putting together the engine-alternator assembly in the genset room.

In order to channel the air and exhaust outlets, we developed a vent and the exhaust piping accordingly and assembled them on-site. The base frame fuel tank was also eliminated due to the dimensions of the room in which the genset was to operate, opting for a double-walled external fuel tank instead which would also increase the its autonomy.


  • 400-440 KVA
  • Split base frame.
  • Approved double wall fuel tank of great capacity.
  • The genset powers two supply sources.