Masters in special applications. 96 generator sets for Telecommunications

Backup power is always needed in telecommunication centres and stations. When the projects are carried out in countries where the industry is still developing or the infrastructures are not the best, they become essential.

Genesal has just supplied a total of 96 generator sets specially designed for the telecom sector. They all have been tailored to meet our customer’s needs: robust equipment capable of supplying extremely reliable power in telecom stations alongside with renewable sources of energy as solar panels and storage batteries.

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    Provide energy to telecom stations.

Which was the aim of this large-scale project?

To guarantee the operation of the stations, every single unit was designed and manufactured in our Bergondo HQ, in A Coruña, complying with all regulations and, of course, our quality standards.

The objective was clear from the very beginning: providing reliable energy for telecom stations located far from urban areas where power supply is, in most cases, not available.

The generators in detail

We designed and manufactured the generator sets following the customers’ requirements and according to our top-quality standards taking into account its final purpose. Furthermore, they were delivered within the set time established, essential to the accomplishment of the project. Seriousness is one of our core values.

The 96 sets are 30-33 kVA canopied with the main features:

  • 1000 Liters fuel tank. Base frame integrated. Enabling an autonomy of 131,5 hours at a 100% load operation. A leak tray was also fitted, capable of collecting any leakage from the tank or the engine. Our customer didn’t want to take any environmental risks.
  • The engine was fitted with an electronic speed governor to provide a stable frequency independently of the load applied. Also, an engine preheating system was fitted to ensure start-up at any temperature.
  • The alternator was applied a special anti-corrosion treatment for salty and/or damp environments.
  • To extend maintenance intervals and guarantee correct operation under any circumstance, an automatic oil feeder was installed with a 10-liter additional oil tank that ensures an optimal oil level at all times.
  • Coating & Painting according to C4H specifications.
  • Remote maintenance. SNMP cards were installed for remote communication with the sets. This advanced system allows faster incident management. Apart from this system and considering that there might be communication breakdowns, free-potential contacts were fitted for remote alarms and 24/7 surveillance. Providing an excellent service to the operator was fundamental for our customer.

All cabins were designed to optimize their loading in 40ft HC containers.

Technical Data
  • Supply: Soundproofed. Canopied.
  • Prime Power: 30 kVA
  • Stand-by Power: 33 kVA
  • Voltage: 400/230v
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Rpm: 1500

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