We supplied generator sets for the Argelian state-owned enterprise, Sonelgaz, to operate in extreme temperatures of 55ºC

High temperatures are never a great ally for generator sets. Excessive heat affects the performance of their engines and as such, the correct operation of the units as a whole. From 40ºC onwards, air quality is no longer optimal, gensets lose power and failures in the cooling system are frequent.

At Genesal Energy, we’re experts in anticipating these issues and we have the solution to prevent irreparable damage, which is why we design gensets capable of operating at peak performance in such extreme environmental conditions.

The generator set we’ve just manufactured for the state-owned gas enterprise in Argelia, Sonelgaz, is a prime example of this. The genset has been created by our engineers to operate in this kind of environment without any issues, and supplies emergency power to the 220 kV Boughezoul substation through a generator set which withstands heat conditions without compromising the delivery of power. Furthermore, it’s been designed to perfectly adapt to the installation and communication systems of the substation.

Antiseismic regulations

It’s a 125/138 kVA generator set capable of operating at peak performance at an environmental temperature of 55 ºC and, given the area’s terrain, of complying with seismic regulations, for which the structure of the generator set was reinforced to be able to withstand 0,4G.

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    Supply emergency power for the 220kV Boughezoul substation through a genset capable of withstanding extreme heat conditions.

Other features of the generator set

  • Base frame fuel tank of great capacity.
  • Oversized power output.
  • Signal expansion kit.
  • Structural reinforcement and installation of special antivibration mounts to comply with seismic regulations.