Helping the Arquitecto Marcide Hospital in Ferrol to a leap forward

GEN1650YA, suministrado para las obras del Hospital Arquitecto Marcide de Ferrol

The works at the Ferrol University Hospital Complex (CHUF) will almost double the current surface area increasing from its current 42,000 metres to nearly 70,000 metres. The new building will house ICUs, hospitalisation areas – in addition to the Emergency Department – and beds will be made available for services such as Cardiology, Radiology and Paediatrics.

But while the CHUF’s Master Plan does not come to an end, the workload is forcing the duplication of wards and units on the area where two new buildings are being fitted out. The Hospital also known as the Hospital Arquitecto Marcide, is growing and during its expansion it will need 24-hour power supply. To ensure that everything is kept under control in the emergency electricity network, Genesal Energy has come into play.

As with facilities of this kind, the healthcare personnel cannot stop their activity even during expansion works which require relatively frequent relocations of sanitary areas or rooms. For this reason, in addition to providing an emergency power supply, in the case of the Arquitecto Marcide, support was provided for the unloading of the generator set, including a crane and supervising the maneuver to integrate the set in its definitive location.

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    A generator set with the necessary power to supply the hospital in the event of an unexpected power failure.

Hospitals, always essential

In a hospital complex, energy must be the most efficient, so at Genesal Energy we have a specific range of generator sets. These are special units prepared to supply power at any time and in any situation to guarantee the safety of patients, keeping vital units such as operating theatres in permanent activity.

Designed to ensure that nothing goes wrong, these emergency generators are intended to supply, in the event of a network outage, all the equipment and devices that are considered vital in healthcare complexes, which are becoming more and more precise and digitalised.

The unit we manufacture for the CHUF meets all these characteristics and, in addition to its efficiency and reliability, has a specific maintenance plan designed at our headquarters in Bergondo, just half an hour’s drive from Ferrol. Bergondo is also home to the head office of our Technical Assistance Service (SAT), which is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

What was the solution provided by the Engineering Team?

La solución de ingeniería para el Hospital Arquitecto Marcide consistió en lo siguiente: se diseñó una bancada con todo lo necesario para facilitar el traslado y mantenimiento del equipo. Se trata de un grupo en bancada que suministra una potencia de 1.500 kVA prime y 1.650 kVA en standby. El equipo se adaptó perfectamente a la sala para una correcta disposición de la acometida y la instalación de gasoil prevista.

The solution provided by the engineering team for the Hospital Arquitecto Marcide consisted of the following: a base frame unit was designed with everything necessary to facilitate the transfer and maintenance. The generator set supplies 1,500 kVA  prime power of and 1,650 kVA standby. It was perfectly adapted to the room for a correct layout of the connection and the planned diesel installation.

  • Base frame unit to supply 1,500 kVA  prime power of and 1,650 kVA standby.
  • The unit is 5,000 mm long, 1,700 mm wide and 2,550 mm high.
Technical specifications
  • Design: U-laminated depo
  • Prime power: 1,500 kVA
  • Standby power: 1,650 kVA
  • Voltage: 400/230 V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • RPM: 1500 rpm
  • Engine: Baudouin
  • Alternator: Mecc Alte

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