Genesal Energy lights up Anduva, the Mirandés football field

GEN660YA, grupos electrógenos Canarias para el Servicio de Salud

Four towers of 42 meters height and 120 led spotlights have been lighting up the Anduva Municipal Stadium – Miranda del Ebro (Burgos) football team – since last May. The investment has transformed the field, which has a capacity of almost 6,000 people, and now it sports an image more in line with the demands of the Second Division.

The power supply for the new towers has been provided by Genesal Energy, having supplied a high-capacity soundproof generator set which is prepared to start automatically in the event of a power failure. To achieve maximum precision, we have carried out a load calculation and have designed a generator sized to power large load peaks.

The emergency generator set that will protect Anduva against any unforeseen electrical issue is a 900 kVA soundproof unit with a highly reliable engine ready to assume loads quickly and under any circumstance, always maintaining the ideal generation frequency and voltage values.

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    Power the lighting towers of the stadium and provide electricity in the event of a network failure to the rest of the auxiliary facilities.

Without interruptions

Emergency power is more than a need in football stadiums – actually, it is a requirement included in the regulations in order for the electricity supply and lighting not to be ever interrupted and to guarantee that it is constant during the matches if there is a mains failure due to any unforeseen event.

The lighting of the Anduva Municipal Stadium joins the projects carried out by our experts for sports facilities, where the presence of the spectators is really important, and thus a power cut may have negative consequences for both the spectators who have paid their ticket and for the club itself. Another example of an outstanding design carried out by Genesal Energy was the one developed for Mendizorroza, Deportivo Alavés football stadium in Vitoria. In this case we supplied a high capacity Generator with an oversized alternator to feed large load peaks.

  • High capacity 960 L steel base frame integrated fuel tank
  • Robust 6000 mm soundproof canopy design

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