Genesal Energy power for one of the largest telecommunication companies in Spain

At Genesal Energy we have reinforced the emergency supply of a data processing center (Data Center, or DPC) owned by one of the main telecommunications companies in Spain.

The project took place at one of their buildings located in León, and consisted of designing, manufacturing and supplying two identical 300/330 kVA generator sets with a common 3000 L fuel tank.

We are specialists in the supply of emergency power for this kind of installations, where precision and customization are essential features, and our experience backs us up.

Data Centers are doubtless to say the brains of telecommunications companies. They handle millions of data from thousands of customers and store very sensitive information so that a power outage may cause serious losses, and thus fatal consequences for the company.

Turnkey Service

After a meeting with the client to find out their specific requirements, we decided to offer a turnkey service where we assumed the designed, manufacturing, transport, installation and maintenance of the generator set delivered to the León Data Center. Thus, to ensure a stable supply and guarantee the best service, the Genesal Energy team studied the conditions of the building, as knowing the room where the equipment will be located is essential to achieve the best results.

The client needed to guarantee energy at all times so that in the event of a breakdown or interruption of the electrical network, the equipment would start operating in record time. The generator sets designed by our engineering team are not only prepared to act in the event of a breakdown, but also to provide energy in adverse situations such as a storm or any other meteorological phenomenon that causes failures in the network. If this happens, the emergency system will allow the installation’s capacity to be increased in those production peaks in which the conventional network is not enough.

Apart from sharing a common fuel tank, these generator sets included an upper air outlet to fit like a glove to the room where they are located, as well as heated chimneys for greater safety – among other customized features.

These are some of the key features of the generators.

  • Upper air outlet
  • Fuel transfer system.
  • 600 L base frame integrated fuel tank + 3000 L double walled fuel tank, connections and y legalization of the installation
  • Parallel operation
  • Signals and operation mode according to customer requirements
  • Chimney supply and installation

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