We supplied our energy to the largest combined-cycle power plant in Latin America

Two generator sets of 300 and 110 kVA, designed by our Engineering team, will supply emergency power to Latin America’s largest combined-cycle power plant. Specifically, they will guarantee power supply in phase II of this inmense plant. 

This great power plant has a capacity of 1,187 MW and is comprised by two generation modules which feature two gas turbines and one steam turbine.

The main mission of these generator sets is to serve as backup for the construction works in the plant’s second phase, in strict compliance with the guidelines and specifications established both by the client and the end-user. In this sense, the client required extremely special generator sets, with specific canopies and fuel tanks, amongst other characteristics. Furthermore, in facilities of this kind, special loads are required, which must be powered permanently for the correct operation of the plant.

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    Supply backup power for the power plant’s construction works, through two generator sets of 300 and 110 kVA according to our client’s requirements and specifications.

Environmentally friendly

Since its beginning in 2005, when the project was launched, the construction of the power plant has generated more than 1.500 direct and indirect jobs, which has contributed to the area’s economical development, as most of the jobs are local.

Combined-cycle power plants generate power via the coexistence of two thermodynamic cycles: one uses water steam and the other, combustion gases.

Furthermore, combined-cycle power plants are considered clean energy sources, barely polluting, as the expelled gases are reused to produce more power from water steam.