We supplied emergency power to the Catalan Water Agency (ACA)

The Catalan Water Agency (ACA), a public corporation affiliated with the Government of Catalonia in charge of managing this autonomous community’s water cycle, has trusted in Genesal Energy to supply emergency power to its headquarters in Barcelona, a rennovated building built in the 70s with the capacity for holding 405 members of staff. 

The generator set designed by our team of engineers was custom-made according to the requirements of the ACA’s management who requested, amongst other specifications, high levels of sound attenuation and specific dimensions as the genset would be operating in a basement without ventilation, a circumstance which called for the design of a generator set with special cooling devices.

The engine, a challenge

To achieve this, two sheet exchangers were installed for the engine liquids, one for the air, one for the water, mounted onto the base frame and connected to the engine and a vertical pump to push the cooling water from the genset’s location to the remote cooler located on the roof.

Substituting the engine’s original components for bespoke ones, its connection and later testing to ensure the correct operation of the generator set, was the main challenge for our Engineering department. Furthermore, based on the client’s indications, at Genesal Energy we designed air silencers fitting the generator set’s installation room.

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    To provide backup to the building’s electrical system in the evento of a mains failure, keeping in mind the inconvenience of the unit’s location, as it was to be installed in a basement with no ventilation. Thus, a specially customized cooling system for the generator set was required.


  • Open type compact generator set located in a basement.
  • 300L fuel tank + 620L optional tank.
  • Remote cooling located on roof.
  • Air-water charge exchangers water-water exchangers for engine cooling.
  • Vertical pump.
  • Air outlet silencers.