We supplied emergency power to a maritime LPG terminal in Chile

At Genesal Energy we have just supplied emergency power to a new maritime LPG (liquefied petroleum gas) in Chile through a generator set designed to guarantee the continuity of the electricity supply in this facility.

Generator sets are essential in port infrastructures since continuity in the electrical supply is required for lighting the facility and for the uninterrupted operation of most the equipment and chargers. The lack of energy during the unloading of a ship can pose a great safety risk that is multiplied when we talk about this type of gas installations. Therefore, in these cases, it is essential to count on an alternative source of electrical energy in addition to prolonging discharge times.

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    The client needed a highly soundproof solution, to adapt to the operation of the installation, with a noise requirement of only 75dB at 7m.

What did our customer need?

The customer needed a solution with specific soundproofing conditions, special levels of interior lighting in accordance with port regulations, an interior fuel tank and a fuel transfer system for an external tank, as well as a controller for parallel operation with the mains and even another generator set if necessary.

The design of the generator also has a steel floor, with a liquid collection tray, exhaust system with built-in spark arrestor to avoid risks of explosion, PMG of the alternator and many other options that make this equipment a generator set fully adapted to the client’s specific needs.


    Power output panel integrated in the soundproof container.

  • Recirculation and engine cooling heating system to provide the proper temperature when the generator starts.
  • Exhaust system with spark arrestor integrated inside the container.
  • Anti-skid steel floor.
  • Marine impregnation in the alternator and PMG.
  • Surface treatment of the container according to ISO 12944, in C5 finish.