We put our energy into the most innovative recycling plant in Spain

Transforming used tires into biofuel is not science fiction but rather a challenge and an environmental commitment that recycling plants specializing in this type of material are already carrying out successfully. The participation of Genesal Energy in the start-up of facilities linked to the circular economy is growing and, in this area, the recycling plants meet all the requirements. One of our latest projects consisted of designing, manufacturing and supplying an emergency diesel generator set for a large recycling plant that aspires to become a benchmark in Spain both in terms of technology and capacity.

When the plant comes into operation, it will process more than 3,000 kilos of raw material per hour, and it will have a complete emergency generator set designed by our engineering team and ready to work if any incident happens. Forecasts regarding the production of recycled material at this plant are optimistic: an average of 1,000 kg/h of black carbon, 360 kg/h of steel and 1,200 kg/h of depolymerization oil will be recovered at its facilities. But what specific characteristics does an infrastructure of this type have? Are different kinds of generator sets needed?

In this type of installation, there are essential loads that must be permanently supplied for the correct operation of the installation, such as ATEX extractors, pumps for air coolers, water coolers, control cabinets for nitrogen storage tanks, and other elements that have to remain in operation so that, in an emergency situation such as a blackout, a safe shutdown of the entire system can be carried out.

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    Installation of a soundproof generator set inside a container including air inlet and outlet attenuators and a fuel tank with a collection tray integrated in the skid frame, among other items.

Circular Economy

In the case of the recycling plant, our engineers designed a soundproof generator set that was installed in a customized container, including several items designed to meet the customer’s requests and the characteristics of the plant itself (air inlet and outlet attenuators, a tank with collection tray integrated in the skid frame…).

On the other hand, our engineers especially designed the control and automation of the generator to be integrated into the other systems if the recycling plant, being the PLC controller capable of fully controlling the entire emergency system. Also, the generator’s control system is in communication with the installation via Modbus TCP/IP protocol in such a way that all the necessary information regarding the status of the generator is sent in real time.

  • Air outlet attenuator of -30dB(A) attached to the container.
  • Control panel integrated in the container, located inside a box which is accessible from the outside with a door. Prepared to work in parallel with the mains, including anti-condensation heaters and internal lighting.
  • 1500 L fuel tank integrated in the skid frame including a collection tray and leak sensor. Prepared for fuel transfer from external tank.
  • Engine coolant recirculation and heating system to provide the right temperature when the generator starts up.
  • Redundant batteries.
  • Bespoke link box designed according to customer’s requirements to connect 4 power cables of 400mm2 per phase.
  • Motorized breaker (1600A).
  • Neutral earth switch.
  • Current transformers for earth fault.
  • Class F alternator, PT100 probes in bearings and windings, IP41 connection box and anti-condensation heaters.
  • Optical fiber.
  • Standard and emergency lighting inside the container.
  • Surface treatment of the container according to ISO 12944 standard, in C4H finish.
  • Anchor plates to the slab for generator set.
  • Etc.
  • Configuration: 20HC stationary soundproof container
  • Prime Power: 1.023 kVA
  • Standby Power: 1.116 kVA
  • Voltage: 400/230 V
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • RPM: 1500 RPM
  • Engine: Cummins
  • Alternator: Mecc Alte

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