We continue supplying power to Austria, a priority in our internationalization plans.

Thanks to our Austrian distributors, we’ve supplied two generator sets of 88 and 275 kVA for two pump stations.

Both gensets were designed especially to be adapted to the client’s requirements, which included potential free contacts for the activation of external motorized louvers, and an earthing system comprised of 3 earth points, one on the inside of the canopy and two external points installed on the gensets’ baseframes; however, each unit also had its own distinctive features: the 88 kVA was designed to comply with 68BA@7m, and its silencers had to be installed in such a way that the genset’s width remained under 1100mm.

In the case of the 275 kVA unit, it had an oversized 990L fuel tank in its baseframe with a leakage tray underneath.

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    To provide power to ensure the correct operation of two pump station stations through two generator sets of 88 kVA and 275 kVA, each customized according to the client’s requirements.


  • Signal expansion module according to the installation’s requirements.
  • 3 earth points: one internal and two external installed on the baseframe.
  • Separate chargers for starting and control.
  • In the case of the 88 kVA, oversized canopy with silencers to comply with a sound level of 68dBA@7m, designed in such a way that the genset’s width wouldn’t surpass 1100mm to be able to install it in its corresponding room.
  • Baseframe fuel tanks with leakage trays, and leakage and fuel level sensors. For the 88 kVA, a 350L tank was installed. For the 275 kVA, an oversized 990L tank.