The Centre for Distributed Energy (CETED) is a key instrument for the provision of energy based solutions through engineering and innovation in generating sets individually adapted to the customer’s needs.

Pioneers in the personalised generator sets.

Managing the processes related to R&D&i in the energy sector

A private initiative, the Technological Centre for Distributed Energy (CETED in Spanish), is unique in the marketplace and a reaffirmation of the principles we have followed since our founding: to completely focus all our efforts in R&D to ensure that each client receives a personalised and innovative experience.

Amongst CETED’s missions we should highlight distributed energy solutions for society through engineering, manufacturing and maintenance of gensets which have been orientated and adapted to the client’s needs.

Management and development of projects and our portfolio of ideas.

Complete project management, from the birth of an idea to its commercial phase, ensuring that each phase in between is correctly executed and adheres to quality control processes.

Implementation of management systems and certification procedures.

CETED provides support in the establishment and maintenance of management systems, as well as obtaining the related certificates for R&D&i projects.

Operational management of R&D&i.

Administrative management, contact with public administrations and project certification form a part of the CETED operational management.

Management of laboratorios and testing facilities.

Design and development of the tests to be executed during the different project phases. Management of in-house laboratory where testing is carried out.

In-house training facilities.

CETED coordinates the training offered by GENESAL ENERGY, not only in the Genesal technical classroom, but also in other facilities where our professionals share their knowledge and experience in the field of distributed energy.

Energy for the future

At Genesal Energy we have the energy to adapt to every posible situation.

For more than 20 years we have been committed to the energy sector.

CETED was created to give us the conditions for providing solutions both advanced and personalised, as well as project viability assessments, detailed planning, execution and on-site commissioning with our own expert

We are experts in specialised generator set development.

Innovation and a visión for the future: two of our key identifying features.

For the first time in the energy industry, a manufacturer has distanced itself from the concept of production by series and volume to offer their customers generator sets with unique and adapted characteristics.

We are the FIRST Spanish company in our sector to obtain UNE166002 certification in R&D&I Management Systems.


Our people are continuously training and improving through our in-house training center.

CETED (our Technological Centre for Distributed Energy) manages the training programmes undertaken, whether in our technical facilities, and other installations, and where our professionals are sharing their knowledge and experience in the area of distributed energy.

Our professionals are continuously training, via our in-house training area designed for the presentation of courses to improve technical capabilities, not just for our own employees, but also for our authorised dealers technical staff, and even clients who require training in the maintenance and use of a genset.