Supply, delivery and installation of a 1,000 kVA generator set for a CPD in Barcelona

Another client who trusts in Genesal Energy for their data center, but not only in regards to supply – the whole logistics management was taken care of, including the cutting off of the street, the heavy-duty crane for the genset’s placement, verification of the power cable connection, connection of the alarm cabeling with the building’s centralized system, exhaust gas piping and load tests.

All carried out from midnight to 6 AM in order to not interfere with the centre’s day-to-day. And of course, we’ll carry out the required maintenance works with a 24 hour service and in a maximum intervention time on site of 3 hours from the call made to our Call Center.

  • Power

    1.000 kVA STP


  • Engine



  • Alternator

    Leroy Somer


Data Centres or Data Processing Centres (DPCs) are specially designed environments which house computer equipment, from computers to storage or network systems. They are facilities in which any electrical failure is a catastrophe as these types of instances can paralyze companies and risk the great amount of information they manage. For this reason, generator sets are vital in Data Centres as the service they provide must be continuous, without interruption.

At Genesal Energy, we’ve installed a 1.000 kVA emergency genset, model GEN1000TC, in a Data Centre in Barcelona. The client needed a new unit due to the building’s expansion, and we carried out a totally comprehensive turnkey project. At Genesal Energy, we studied the project and took care of the whole process. The unloading, installation, and commissioning took place in under six hours and in the early hours of the morning to not alter the area’s usual activity with the transport and installation works.

1.000 kVA emergency genset in a Data Center

Special and made-to-measure

The generator set was especially designed with the ideal dimensions for its installation in the data centre. Furthermore, the client asked us to change the existing genset – the previous one was 12 years old and now obsolete – without bringing any part of the procedure to a halt and while avoiding any potential risk in the process, which also included the dismantling of the old genset and the set-up of the new one.

To achieve complete knowledge of the situation, Genesal Energy’s Technical Service Team travelled to the Data Centre to see the facilites on siteand plan the necessary works. Additionally, the team took care of all bureaucratic procedures (Municipal procedures, street cut-offs…), as well as all loading and unloading works, and the installation of a provisional rental genset for its use during the operation. The new generator set was installed and started-up in less than six hours.


  • Genset prepared for parallel operation with another genset to be installed soon.
  • 1600A motorised genset breakers.
  • Level sensors in the genset’s fuel tank for the management of an external fuel transfer system.
  • Modbus RS-232/485 communication module.
  • Remote alarms in the form of dry contacts.
  • Engine cooling liquid recirculation and heating system to provide the correct temperature for start-up.
  • Spring type Silemblocks underneath the genset’s baseframe along with the engine-alternator assembly’s anti-vibration mounts to achieve a greater level of isolation.
  • – 40 db exhaust gas silencers to reduce noise.
  • Integrated control panel.