Genesal Energy generator sets designed to run at full capacity in the Qatari desert

When a Generator set is manufactured to work in places with unusual environmental conditions, it is essential that they are highly customized. At Genesal Energy our equipment is designed in such a way that they are capable of operating in extreme conditions and at temperatures above 40 ºC. They are made-to-measure generator sets designed by our engineers after having carefully studied the environmental conditions in which they must operate.

One of our latest projects has taken place in a Middle Eastern country: Qatar. The Qatari authorities asked us to design several trailer mounted generators for a contingency energy fleet.

With a very hot climate and high humidity levels, Qatari summers easily exceed 45ºC. Therefore, the generating sets that have to operate in these circumstances must be custom designed. In this case, the client needed the equipment to have a great autonomy and that could easily transfer fuel from an external tank. They also needed them to be located in different areas by means of a trailer which must be suitable to drive along the desert sand.

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    Our customer required generator sets with a great autonomy capacity which could easily transfer fuel from an external tank, also with the possibility of locating it in different areas by means of a trailer suitable for the desert sand.

Dust filters

In custom manufacturing, everything is designed in detail. Furthermore, the containers were manufactured considering the environmental conditions, including a customized tank, transfer system and external fuel connection point, as well as dust filters to prevent the entry of sand as they had to work in the middle of the desert.


  • Engine and alternator sized to give the required power at the design temperature.
  • Sand filters.
  • Made-to-measure fuel tank.
  • Fuel transfer system and external fuel connection point.