We increase our reach in the national market with the supply of emergency power for wind farms in Castilla-La Mancha, Aragón and Galicia

Providing power to the primary loads of the electrical substation (wind farm) in the event of a mains failure is the main objective of the gensets designed by Genesal Energy to operate in the Oriche and Venta Vieja substations in Teruel, Montilla del Palancar in Cuenca, and Serra das Penas in Lugo.

In each case, the client asked for an especially low noise level, 75 dB at 7 metres, and oversized fuel tanks. The solution provided by Genesal Energy consisted in manufacturing made-to-measure gensets, each personalised to adapt to each one of the installations.

This way, each one of the four generator sets was designed following the client’s needs and complying with their requests, such as the noise level. The gensets are extremely silent thanks to the installation of attenuation systems in the air inlet and outlet of each one.

Furthermore, each unit includes the necessary binary signals in order for the client to integrate it in the substation without any issues.

  • WHERE:

    Castilla-La Mancha, Aragón y Galicia


    GEN138FI + 3 x GEN110YI


    To provide power for the primary loads of the electric substation in the event of a mains failure.


  • Oversized fuel tank.
  • Leakage tray.
  • Recirculation and heating system for the engine’s cooling liquid needed to provide an adequate temperature for the unit’s start-up.
  • Air inlet and outlet sound attenuators to achieve the required dB’s.
  • Redundant battery system to guarantee availability of start-up power.
  • Dry contacts for the control and monitorization of each genset’s status.