At Genesal Energy we’re reinforcing our commitment with renewable energy through the manufacture of gensets and transformers for two new solar power plants in Mexico

manufacture of gensets and transformers for two new solar power plants in Mexico

The renewable power market is currently experiencing a great period in Mexico, whose privileged climate makes it the perfect place for the development of this market, and where administrative entities have been promoting the construction and implementation of numerous photovoltaic power plants throughout the latest years.

In two of them, the Cuyoaco and Border Solar power plants, in Puebla and Ciudad Juárez respectively, Genesal Energy participated in the design, manufacture and supply of two generator sets and two transformers within the company’s strategy to reinforce its presence in the American continent and the world of clean energy.

Both gensets, of 220 and 125 kVA, were manufactured for the client complying with the specifications and standards set by the Federal Electricity Commission. Both units needed to provide backup support for the booster and switching substations in the Border Solar photovoltaic power plant in Ciudad Juarez (Chihuahua). This power plant will generate around 456,5 gigawatts per hour a year, and is expected to supply electricity to companies of both the private and public sectors.

The final destination of the transformers, yet another achievment by Genesal Energy’s branch in Mexico, was the Cuyoaco power plant, the first of its kind to be built in this state. The Mexican Government will invest more than 230 million dollars in this project.

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    To provide backup power to the Border Solar Photovoltaic Plant’s booster and switching substations through two gensets of 220 and 125 kVA according to Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) specifications and norms, and supply two 225 kVA transformers under NMX-J-285 norms for the Cuyuaco Photovoltaic Plant’s installations.

Main features of the generator sets:

  • 600L double-walled (steel-steel) external fuel tank.
  • Prepared for startup via external command.
  • Winding heaters.
  • Analogical excitation voltmeter and ammeter.
  • Space heaters and thermostat in panel.
  • Paint and painting process according to CFE norms.
  • Electronic speed regulation.
  • DNP 3.0 communication protocol.
  • Third party inspection (BV) of the FAT procedure.
  • Spare parts according to CFE specifications.
manufacture of transformers for two new solar power plants in Mexico

Main features of the transformers:

  • Cooling method: ONAN.
  • 3 Phases / 60 Hz.
  • Cooling medium: Mineral oil.
  • Temperature elevation: 55 / 65 °C
  • Prepared to operate at 2300 masl.
  • Primary voltage: 34500 V
  • Primary connection: Delta.