Emergency power for a chemical plant in Morocco: optimal performance in the most extreme climates

Elevated areas, high or low temperatures, all create hostile environments for generator sets as they directly impact their operation and essential functions such as startup capability and speed. That’s why when a client asks us for generator sets to operate in locations with especially adverse climatic conditions, at Genesal Energy we analyze each detail of the territory before designing a generator set which without a doubt calls for a set of characteristics which are more special than usual.

An example of this is a project we carried out in Morocco, for which our engineering team designe dan emergency generator set for a chemical plant in a desert with extremely high temperatures.

For this project, aspects such as the sand, a natural adversary which is hard for this type of equipment to beat, were taken into account. The generator set had to operate in a desert area, with a great amount of sand and suspended dust, as well as extreme temperatures, and so it was fit with dust filters in the air inlet and alternator, which was IP45. Furthermore, a system was designed to pressurize the container, in turn avoiding the entrance of dust. A fuel tank of great autonomy was also installed.

A record time frame

In summary, the generator set was designed to guarantee power supply for the facility’s auxiliary and essential services in the face of a mains failure. Apart from being a bespoke generator set, the whole process was accelerated in order to comply with the tight deadline. This was a great challenge for Genesal Energy as the usual time allowed for development and production for this type of projects was cut in half.

Our experience in the manufacture of gensets for high temperatures has made us a reference brand in countries such as Chile, where we’ve supplied high capacity emergency power in areas as inhospitable as the Atacama desert.


  • 20´DV container with C5 coating.
  • Inlet dust filters for cooling air and alternator.
  • Air conditioned control room.
  • Mains synchronization control panel.
  • Earthing switch.
  • Independent battery and battery charger for control.
  • Integrated automatic transfer switch.
  • IP45 alternator with special treatment prepared for aggresive environments.
  • Double PT100 sensors in alternator windings.
  • PT100 sensor in alternator bearing.
  • 2000l fuel tank in dedicated room with redundant fans to guarantee adequate room cooling.
  • Motorized louvers.