At GENESAL ENERGY we adapt our generators for environments that put our skills to the test. Our international experience allows us to take on any energy related challenge.

Where to find
Genesal Energy

We operate in more than
30 countries worldwide.


Our European distribution network consists of strategic partnerships with businesses boasting qualified personnel, who receive the support and means to meet the challenges and particularities of the different markets they operate in.

Latin America

Through our branches we have very extensive coverage in the continent, providing a wide range of products and services, focused on providing integrated energy solutions personalised to each client.


We can count on close collaboration and localised experts in our network assisting in the development of specialist projects from power plants to the distribution of tailormade gensets, whilst working very closely with the final client throughout the entire process (this includes financing and logistical support).

Middle East

As part of development in this exciting region we have developed a strategic partnership in Bahrain and Qatar focused on development in these markets.

Branches in South America

With a view to keeping operational costs down and to maximise project management, GENESAL ENERGY has opened strategic branches in Peru and Mexico: both specialising in the demands of their individual national markets.

Peru Branch

Our office in Peru is not only focused on the sale and distribution of generator sets, it also offers the possibility to rent gensets for specific projects. Additionally, the office is also characterised with an efficient After Sales Service operation and Technical Assistance.

Mexico Branch

Situated in Mexico City, our Mexican branch is focused on special project design. The type of projects we are involved in require high level of engineering skills to ensure the end-product adapts perfectly to each given scenario. As with Peru an After Sales Service is available, as well as training and assessment services.

Interested in becoming a GENESAL authorised dealer?

Within our international expansion plan, GENESAL ENERGY is keen to develop business relationships with potential distributors and agents in different territories around the world. Our international sales department would be delighted to hear from you.