Emergency Power for Phosphates Treatment Plant in El Jadida, Morocco

The project has been designed for one of the most important companies in the engineering and constructin sector, with headquarters in Marseille (France)

Situated 80KM south of Casablanca and 17Km from El Jadida is the Jorf Lasar industrial complex, a phosphates treatment plant which Genesal Energy has supplied with 3 specially designed gensets for emergency back-up.

The plant whose installations cover an area of 1,700 hectares began its production in 1986 and its numbers are quite impressive: the recuperation of 2 million tonnes annually of P2Oin the form of phosphorus acid.

Genesal Energy has supplied this elaborate facility in Morocco with a genset island comprising of identical generators for outdoor use (3 units at 400V/50Hz containerised with a control system) designed to work in parallel or if necessary individually. Five circuit breakers make up the switchgear.

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    Meeting the clients’ specific needs was a key priority, as they wanted to power the facility in two different ways. GENESAL designed the following options:

    1. To power the entire plant using the genset island via an incoming power cabinet situated in the entry area of the plant.
    2. Separate the energy feed between incoming power cabinet in the plant.

    This allows for the genset island to feed one incoming power cabinet with all the panels, however if the client prefers to feed both incoming power cabinets, then that is also possible.

In detail

As with every project undertaken by Genesal, the control system designed for this phosphate treatment plant was managed to the tiniest detail:

  • If the gensets are operational, they can be synchronised, either with the output switch of each genset or with the coupling point, therefore reducing the number of movements required by the switches in case of changes in the operational format.
  • If a generator is stopped, the circuit breaker is disabled to avoid damage from unwanted power inputs from external busbars
  • If the client has not indicated that a connection panel should receive an electrical feed, the incoming power cabinet circuit breaker will not be permitted to close (not even manually), in order to avoid short circuits caused by external voltage not from the actual genset island.

Technical Data

  • Prime Power (PRP): 800 kVAS
  • Standby Power (STP): 880 kVAS
  • Voltage: 660V
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • RPM: 1,500 rpm
  • Mm x Dimensions: 6058mm X 2438mm X 2591mm
  • Weight: 9,091 Kg

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