Emergency power for an office complex in France

A 440 kVA generator set designed by our engineering team will guarantee the energy supply in a large office complex in France in the event of a mains failure. This project consolidates Genesal Energy’s commitment to internationalization as a key factor in its growth.

In this case, the project consisted of designing and manufacturing a generator set capable of supplying continuous energy in the event of any incident or anomalous situation, such as a blackout or any other mains failure.

In this kind of facilities – office buildings – it is necessary to carry out a detailed study of the genset’s location to offer the most suitable technical solution aiming to face an emergency situation safely. High reliability and a low noise level were key aspects during the manufacturing process, as the generator set had to work in a place where people’s movement is constant – it is an office area.

Genesal’s adaptive capacity materialised in a soundproof 440 kVA generator set mounted in a 4500 mm canopy, including an integrated fuel tank adapted to the capacity required by the client. Both genset’s installation and operational framework were carried out by our engineers in order to avoid complications.




    A highly reliable generator set with a low noise level adapted to the site conditions.

Expansion plan

The emergency power supply for this office complex is part of our expansion policy in the French market, having detected its specific needs and provided a solution accordingly.

In this sense, one of the latest projects related to France led us to Ghana, where we supplied one of the main French engineering and construction companies with two symmetrical generating sets, prepared to work in parallel, in order to reinforce the safety of a large bitumen – an essential material for the production of asphalt agglomerate – manufacturing plant.

As in the case of the factory in Ghana, we complied with the French and UE regulations, as EU member countries have always been very present in the internationalization plans of our company.

Our international vocation is reflected in the presence of our products in more than 30 countries – 70% of our production is destined to exports. In this strategy, France plays an important role, and so does our unconditional commitment to the United Nation’s Agenda 2030 and the use of renewable energies.


  • 4500 mm soundproof canopy including a fuel tank
    adapted to the fuel transfer system of the client.