Supply of seven mobile soundproof gensets with a remote communication system

Genesal Energy designed, manufactured and delivered seven 15/16 kVA soundproof gensets mounted on trailers to the client’s installations in Northern Europe.

The project consisted in the supply of seven mobile soundproof gensets. These units were designed to operate at both of the country of destination’s voltages (400/230 V & 230 V 3 phase without neutral). Each unit possesses the adequate power sockets to operate at both voltages.

The seven units include a remote communication system through a GPRS module that allows the operation of the unit through SMS or through an app available for both iOS and Android. In addition, these gensets incorporate a GPS system that allows the client to trace the units, that is, to know exactly where they are at any given moment.

  • Power

    15/16 kVA


  • Engine



  • Alternator



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