Tailored Emergency Power for a Cogeneration Plant in Germany

GEN1650YA, suministrado para las obras del Hospital Arquitecto Marcide de Ferrol

Our Engineering Department latest project is a 2000-2200kVA medium voltage (6300 V) generator set for a cogeneration plant in Germany. Located in an area with very adverse weather conditions such as very cold winters and intense rainfall, it required a very special and careful design to guarantee smooth power supply.

In this type of facilities, permanent supply is crucial. The water treatment plant equipment and the lubrication units’ pumps have to be running continuously because in the event of an emergency, like a blackout, a safe shutdown of the system needs to be performed. This is the duty of the generator set designed by Genesal Energy’s engineers. Capable of supplying medium voltage (6300 V) directly.

A PLC was fitted to manage all the elements of the generating unit with ‘ad hoc’ programming, protection relay and a synchroniser for parallel with mains operation.

  • DÓNDE:



    Emergency genset for plant’s safe shutdown.

Special weather conditions

In one hand, the peak loads required by the installation meant fitting a 5000 kVA alternator in the container. A challenge for our engineers that needed to create a personalised solution for its size and weight as well as enabling elastic coupling between engine and alternator.

On the other hand, the location of the cogeneration plant in a very rainy and cold part of the country conditioned the whole design. An air inlet with attenuators was fitted in the top of the container to reduce noise level to a minimum. Also, water entry deflectors to achieve the desired IP protection.

Control and automation of the genset for its integration in the other plant’s systems was achieved through a PLC which can control the emergency system completely.

Commitment to the environment

This gas cogeneration plant is another example of Genesal Energy’s commitment to the environment through a tailored project design. From the initial assessment, design, manufacturing and transport to the commissioning and maintenance. A comprehensive turnkey service.

Our presence in Germany not only strengthens our position in the European energy market, where we take part in projects in Austria, Norway or Poland, but gives us the chance of taking part in those growingly important energy transition initiatives.

It’s been pretty evident in Germany lately, where energy efficiency is a key factor in industrialisation plans. In the last decade, the country has achieved a 20% energy efficiency, 30% in the latest structures.

  • Air conditioned/heated independent room within the container for the Control Panel.
  • Medium voltage oversized 5000 kVA alternator.
  • Container surface treatment acc. to ISO 12944 with C4I finishing.
  • Top air inlet with baffles and water deflectors.
  • Double thickness Rockwool panels sound insulation.
  • Special catalytic converter for polluting gases reduction.
  • Compliant with the AwSV German Regulations.
  • Ejecución: 40ft HC Container
  • Potencia Prime: 2000 kVA
  • Potencia Standby: 2200 kVA
  • Tensión: 6300 V
  • Frecuencia: 50 Hz
  • RPM: 1500 RPM
  • Motor: Mitsubishi
  • Alternador: Mecc Alte

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