Emergency generator sets for the Norwegian School of Commercial Diving, one of the most important diving centers in the world

Diving centers are extremely sensible facilities where power is essential for their correct operation, as power must not run out for many of the pieces of equipment needed on board of the vessels, from the lighting to the cooling chambers.

At Genesal Energy we’ve designed a generator set for the Norwegian School of Commercial Diving, a big challenge as it’s a highly specialized and world-renowned center.

Founded in 1989, more than 2.500 divers have trained in the school, one of the most important in the world, and its courses are internationally renowned. It’s located in Nesodden, in the south of Oslo, and possesses the ideal conditions for scuba diving. Furthermore, the facilities are also used by the country’s students, with more than 10.000 dives by students each year.

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    Provide power for the lighting, small cooling chambers and other equipment on board.

Anti-condensation heating

The emergency open type generator set designed by our engineers features a 40/44 kVA Kohler engine, and its mission is to provide power to the center’s vessels.

The generator set possesses an anti-condensation heater in the alternator to avoid corrosion in the windings.

The whole design and production process was verified with the client, whose needs were very precise. The generator set had to provide power to guarantee the correct operation of the lighting, cooling chambers and the rest of the equipment on board.

The generator set has been manufactured to withstand the area’s low temperatures.

Other features of the generator set

  • 200 litre base frame fuel tank.
  • Anti-condensation heating on alternator windings.