‘Black Start’ emergency power for a petrochemical plant in Tarragona

At Genesal Energy we have supplied a 2,250 kVA black start generator set to a petrochemical plant in Tarragona (Spain).

The facility is equipped with a cogeneration plant that required tailor-made emergency power, that is, special equipment to guarantee the electricity supply at all times and in any situation. The project for this infrastructure was developed by our engineering team after analysing in detail the specific requirements our client had. Carrying out the black-start of the cogeneration plant in the face of a black-out of the external electricity supply was one of their main concerns.

Black Start equipment allows energy to be restored without depending on the external network, which is essential for the optimal maintenance of a power plant such as the one in Tarragona, since operation is guaranteed with no need of being linked to the power transmission network, allowing the servicing of the own turbines without any problem.

Likewise, the control and automation of each generator set for its integration into the other systems of the plant was also tailor-made so that a PLC panel can fully control the emergency system. Furthermore, in this case the generator is capable of operating in parallel with two mains.

The operator decides by means of a button on the corresponding control panel or remote order with which network it wishes to synchronize to restore the bar to normal situation. The system is equipped with a RS485-Modbus communication module to monitor all variables remotely.

Specialists in starting from scratch

Black Start technology is ideal for a project such as the petrochemical plant in Tarragona as it allows the power systems to be restarted without any problem in the event of any unforeseen event or collapse in the electricity network. The Autonomous Start or Black Start makes this possible and, therefore, reduces the threat of lack of supply, which is the greatest fear in this kind of plant. Start-up is guaranteed. At Genesal Energy we have the knowledge and experience to offer this kind of customer service. Always with a personalised attention.


  • Fuel tank installed inside the container.
  • Attenuators inside the container.
  • Motorized breaker.
  • Neutral earthing switch.
  • Recirculation and engine coolant heating systems to reach the proper temperature when starting the genset.
  • Air inlet and air outlet motorized louvers.
  • Parallel operation between two networks.


  • Configuration: 40 HC stationary soundproof container
  • Standby Power: 2,250 kVA (emergency generator)
  • Voltage: 400/230 VCA
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • RPM: 1,500 RPM
  • Engine: Mitsubishi
  • Alternator: Mecc Alte

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