Essential sectors: Genesal Energy supplies emergency power to a large supermarket chain

The food industry is an essential service whose quality depends largely on flawless logistics. At Genesal Energy we are aware of the importance of the so-called food retailers, and we know that its facilities cannot afford power failures, especially due to the large amount of perishable products that are stored in these strategic locations.

In relation to the food sector, at Genesal Energy we have just supplied one of the main supermarket chains in Spain with emergency power to achieve the maximum precision and efficiency of the equipment. Specifically, our client needed an emergency system for one of its main logistics centers and after analyzing the place and the environmental conditions, our engineers designed a 2,045 kVA generator set.

The aim: guaranteeing the cold chain

The constant storage of perishable products requires very specific storage conditions, both in terms of temperature and time. A power outage can alter or break the cold chain, which would cause enormous material and economic losses. For this reason, our client needed a generator set including specific features that make it capable of facing the start-up of the entire system in the event of a mains voltage failure.

Thus, we manufactured a super soundproofed generator set, which was installed in a bespoke 40 HC container due to its location.

The control and automation of the generator was also tailor-made so that a PLC device can fully control the emergency system.


  • Integrated power panel inside container
  • Engine coolant heating system to provide the proper temperature when the genset starts.
  • Air inlet and air outlet attenuators to achieve a low noise level.
  • 1500 L double walled fuel tan installed inside an independent room within container.
  • Painted in the customer’s required color.


  • Configuration: 40 HC stationary soundproof container
  • Prime Power: 1,860 KVA
  • Standby Power: 2,045 KVA
  • Voltage: 400/230 VCA
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • RPM: 1500 RPM
  • Engine: Mitsubishi
  • Alternator: Mecc Alte

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