Genesal Energy supplies a fully operational Containerized Power Supply for a Mobile 3D Radar System

The objective of this project was to supply fully operational power source for a Radar system. The energy solution would supply independent electric power for the normal operation of a Tactical Radar System, with no requirement or dependence on other energy sources.

The Containerized Power Supply solution consisted of 2 gensets of the same type and model installed in a ISO-10’ container, each genset consists of an engine, alternator, fuel tank, switch panel, synchronisation and control panels, network monitoring and an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

In situations where the Radar System is deployed in places with a power supply, the Genesal System has been fitted with the capability to fully monitor the external power supply, and in case it should fail, switch to the emergency power supply or UPS. Should this situation occur it entails one of the gensets within the container initiating its operational sequence and consequentially ensuring a continued power supply to the Mobile Radar System. The Genset will operate for as long as the external power supply is off-grid.


Our commitment with R&D allow us to offer the best energy solutions for the military and defense application. We have the expertise needed to adapt each solution to every specific necessity of this field, always with the most strict confidentiality that this projects required.

GENESAL ENERGY military gensets are compact, light, silent and easy to transport. They are ready to operate under the most extreme weather conditions, guaranteeing the power supply in all tactical situations.

 Some features of our military generating sets are:

  • Super-silent, for shelters.
  • Trailer-mounted for easy transportation.
  • Water-cooled or air-cooled.
  • AC or DC generators.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Wide range of powers available.