We supplied emergency power to one of Europe’s most important Data Centers

At Genesal Energy we’ve supplied two emergency generator sets to one of the most important Data Centers in Europe, located on the outskirts of the German city of Munich. The gensets have been designed to guarantee constant power supply in the event of a mains failure or any other potential setback.

Data Centers or Data Processing Centers (DPC) are complex facilities which hold modern computer equipment and where any failure in power supply can be fatal, as all the information contained in these giant servers would be left unprotected. For this reason, DPCs need continuous and constant power supply at all times.  A generator set is its greatest guarantee of protection, and at Genesal Energy, we’re experts in installing generator sets adapted to these facilities.

With leakage retention system

For this client specifically, at Genesal Energy we opted for made-to-measure generator sets: we designed a bespoke energy solution. The result translated into two generator sets distinguished by their low sound levels -as they must operate in a great office area-  and the fact that they are leakage-proof against any polluting spills (diesel, oil and coolant liquid), as established by the strict environmental legislation in Germany.

During the manufacturing process, the gensets were placed into two 20 foot containers, with two air inlet and outlet baffles of 1200mm in length to lower the gensets’ sound levels by 30 decibels. Furthermore, the exhaust silencers were mounted inside the containers in order to isolate the sound (whose certification was carried out by an external company) outlet.

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    Generator sets with low sound level, as they were to be located in the middle of an office area.


  • Power panel integrated inside the generator set’s container.
  • Control panel integrated inside the generator set’s container.
  • Baffles system for -30db. External parts in stainless steel.
  • Motorized louvers.
  • Fuel tanks of great capacity contained inside.
  • Fuel tank with leakage collection tray.
  • Fuel tank with automatic overfill protection system.
  • Container with liquid retention system.
  • Engine room heating to ensure startup in the cold.
  • Dedicated power outlet busbar due to the great number of conductors per phase.
  • Overvoltage protections.
  • GSM control.
  • Superficial coating of the container according to the ISO 12944 norm, in a C5I finish in the colour requested by the client.
  • Sound levels certified by an external company according to the ISO8528 norm:
    • Genset 1: 66 dB at 7m
    • Genset 2: 68 dB at 7m