Innovation & Energy Transition, our challenges for 2023

Sustainability is not a new concept for Genesal Energy. When almost no one in the industry was paying attention to this concept and it was considered a passing trend we were already taking it very seriously and starting a detailed work plan aimed to obtain the highest energy efficiency in all the projects we were involved in. This commitment to clean energy and the environment has been put into practice and we have reached the end of 2022 with our homework done.

A number of accomplished projects and the launch of initiatives as the Energy Transition Professorship, first in the region, hand in hand with the University of Santiago de Compostela (USC).

Energy Transition Professorship

2022 has been the start of great adventure full of possibilities. In less than a year, the newly created Professorship has awarded its first prizes to the best Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees Final Thesis. Prizes that will be awarded annually to those students who excel in the Energy Transition & Sustainability fields.

There are a number of challenges for 2023 and the environmental guidelines are clear. Our will is to keep our 2022 track and achieve the best results possible. We will accordingly renew our compromise with the 2023 Agenda and The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), core to our business strategy. Implementing new detection & prioritisation methods of those more relevant for our company.

Energy Transition Plan 

This will also be the year in which we will galvanize our Energy Transition Plan, at corporate, production and sectoral levels. The fight against climate change is a long-distance race, a moral obligation in which words are not enough. We need to take action.

During 2023, we will keep on researching and developing sustainable solutions. More and more efficient for our customers and for our very own company.

We have just commissioned our HQ in Bergondo photovoltaic building façade. Fully operational now and an example of where we want to go in the mid and long term.


In our quest for sustainability, in 2022 we went beyond and we move to action in the shape of specific short, medium and long-term initiatives. Greenesal encompasses that ambitious and meditated program born to change things. We truly believe that 2023 is going to be its finest hour.

Reducing the carbon footprint of our premises, organising specialisation courses, conferences, seminars, expert-gatherings, promoting Public Private Partnerships in R & D & I are just part of a long list of measures envisaged for the next 12 months.

Data centres and the health sector

Proactivity is one of the principles of our company. We need it to obtain quality, unique, personalised and environmentally friendly energy. The development of projects for two green hydrogen plants, the design and manufacturing of a genset for a benchmark recycling plant or the equipment designed to guarantee power supply in the new National Mint in Madrid are part of the solutions developed by our engineering department in 2022. All of them, part of Genesal Energy’s tailor-made generator sets. Carefully supervised from design to manufacturing and later maintenance. Added value to our well-known mark of distinction.

In our roadmap for 2023, sectors with great growth prospects such as the data centres, renewable energies, healthcare and Defence are strategic.

Likewise, and always looking for competitive strength, our Technological Centre for Distributed Energy (CETED) will have a key role in the manufacturing of top quality generator sets both for sale and rental, this latter a range with a great future and a growing asset in our Mexico and Peru subsidiaries.

The manufacturing of personalised generator sets for communications & transportation infrastructure will be also a priority alongside with all those projects intended to enhance the clean energies.

Last but not least, for a company which was born almost 30 years ago with the dream of consolidating an international presence, the search for new markets and the strengthening of its projection are primary objectives for this new financial year characterised by sustainability and energy transition challenges.

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